Top Five Smart Rings Available In India

what is a SmartRing

a smart ring as same as a normal ring but it gives you the opportunity of connecting with several devices via Bluetooth or with your you can receive a notification.

Why You Need A Smartring

for my own concern i have one smartwatch of apple series 3 and i love my smartwatch.though I found myself checking my watch and compared with smart ring, especially when I was out with friends. Smart rings are far less invasive.

How To Install A Smartring

it’s the most easy part to connent simply open blutooth and connect the devices.

How Much Do A Smart Ring Cost

smart ring available in many prices from 30$ to 150$ on this list order the ring that fits best for your wallet.

The Best SmartRings in 2019.

Motive Ring Best of the Best

Motive Ring images

Daily early in the morning, I was going to the park for exercise. Soi needs a smart gear that works with me.i have found my perfect wrist wearables and now I have found my perfect smart ring.
This smart ring is asleep and heart rate tracker for iOS devices. It’s also waterproof, counts steps, and calculates your calories. The best part, and probably my favorite, is that it’s super thin (0.1 inches thick) and weighs less than a penny. Instead of lugging around a large device on your hand, the Motiv really packs a punch.

  • 3-day battery life
  • Quick charge – with a 1-year warranty
  • Durable for your everyday life
  • Biometric tracking


  • Some users say that the app could be improved

Jakcom R3 NFC Smart Ring: Best for Android Users


there are two types of people in the world one android user and other iPhone users. While I am also an iPhone user but I appreciate the beauty of android .for those who are android users it’s just easy to find the products that suitable for Android. It is the smartring made of germanium, a kind of rare metal, but it only connects with android or windows phones.

The Jakob can only connect as an NFC card reader and can act as a door lock or cellphone to unlock.

  • Solid, reliable metal
  • Supports Android and Windows Phone
  • NFC hardware

Kydex NFC Multi-function Ring: Most Unique


looking at this smart ring you wouldn’t even know that it’s connected to other devices. The key index NFC is a multifunction ring that enables you to share information or unlock your phone.
There is a separate app to manage the ring associated web application that can edit name cards, web addresses, text and perform instant sharing through the ring. Simple, practical – and wouldn’t you know, this ring is made from ceramics, ensuring it’s both hard and resistant to scratches.

The associated web application can edit name cards, web addresses, text and perform instant sharing through the ring.

Simple, practical – and wouldn’t you know, this ring is made from ceramics, ensuring it’s both hard and resistant to scratches.

Soper Titanium Waterproof ring


It is the most attractive ring in the market the dark black color attracts both male and female buyers. The design of the ring is simple and sleek. The Soper titanium waterproof ring enables the user to communicate with your phone, listen to music unlock your phone and more. It doesn’t need battery charging as the chips within the ring are equipped with a wireless module to convert the power to energy.

Why You Should Get It

The smart ring is compatible with Android and NFC function. You should get this ring if you are searching for a sleek, sophisticated ring that has plenty of features.


  • Share information that you need, on the fly
  • Waterproof, dustproof and fall proof
  • No need to battery charge

LYCOS Life NFC Smart Ring: Best For All Genders

when we are going to shopping there is a two option one for shopping for men and one for women.


The LYCOS Life NFC Smart Ring is just that. It’s a quality stainless steel ring with silicone overlay that connects with your phone to do simple tasks like unlocking your phone, act as a personal security manager, provide a wireless taping to transfer functions through NFC and more. It’s also waterproof!

Why You Should Get It

At a relatively low price point and barter to entry, the LYCOS is a great Unisex ring option. This is for users searching for NFC technology.


  • Quality stainless steel
  • Personal security manager
  • Wireless tap to transfer
  • Unlocks phone with no password

7 Smart Ring: Most intrecate


When I first heard of the 7 Smart Ring, I was impressed by the mock-up images that the company delivered. It’s a beautiful, large ring that is perfect for the individual who is searching for an intricate. when I saw the user images on Amazon, I was even more impressed. This smart ring can fit in with the best of the best in terms of rings, and blends in such a way that you wouldn’t even notice it’s “smart”.

The 7 Smart Ring is made from sterling silver and notifies the user when there are new text messages coming in, new emails, calendar events and calls. It also alerts you every time you leave your smartphone behind, which will save yourself from actually losing your phone (gasp!)

Why You Should Get It

I really admire 7 for taking a risk with this piece and really excelling at the design. It’s impressive and is excellent for the individual who also isn’t worried about taking a style risk.


  • Connects to your smartphone for notifications on texts, emails, calls and calendar updates
  • Pings you if you’ve left your smartphone behind
  • Emergency SOS feature

Titanium NFC Smart Ring

It’s the ring that can make attracts by men the main function given by the company is NFC (near field communication) so it enables other NFC devices to communicate with one another. The smart ring can store and exchange personal information, unlock your phone device, quick start applications on your phone and more. It’s certainly a base level ring and is a great introduction to the smart ring product.

Why You Should Get It

This is the perfect piece of jewelry for men who like simplicity. It’s not “bling” by any means, making it the ideal piece for a simple, masculine hand.


  • Start your phone with a simple ring move
  • Store personal and important information
  • Touch to share personal information in the ring

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