Samsung Galaxy Fold Price Review and Full Specification.


Samsung galaxy Fold finally launched officially in the USA. Next to launch in India Samsung changes the revolution of the new smartphones great performance with the double display with 4.6″ inches main display and the secondary display of 7.3″ inches. Samsung galaxy fold gives you a huge ram of 12gb and the terrific processor. samsung galaxy not just defines the new category, it defies a new defines the biggest breakthrough in the segment of smartphones. Today we unfold the future with galaxy fold.


samsung galaxy fold design.

Samsung Galaxy fold change the whole revolution and change the trend of the smartphone they try to change the shape of the smartphone.


samsung galaxy fold display

Samsung galaxy fold gives the breakthrough display that fold whose other can’t. Infinity flex display multilayered to endure every fold.The display Made from bonded layers of innovative polymer material, the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display is engineered to be 50% thinner than other Galaxy displays. It is flexible and durable enough to maintain its stunning view through many folds and unfolds. design the new pioneered screen that create with the help of multilayered display to ensure the flexiblity.It gives you the cinemagrade display on a whole new level.see all the movies and games with the vibrant colors.The dynamic amoled display gives you the HDR10+ color and contrast with dynamic tone mapping to ensure the quality of each tone screen.Eye comfort display adjust the brightness of the display to adjust the optimal light.The display is engineered to reduce harmful blue light without the use of filters, to keep colors true while eyes are a strain.The backbone of the revolution defined by the style colors and the materials that defines the future the materials that bringing the future in present.Explore the future of the color with fantastic dynamic finishes that change with the light.each unique hue is made with highly polished glass for a premium feel it defines the future of luxury.It is the combination of the smartphone and the tablet.When we open it’s a tablet when it fold it’s a smartphone.


Samsung galaxy fold design that allows the user to transform the phone to the tablet. It gives you a portablity feature that folds in your hand and fits in your pocket. The latest design allows the user a comfortable grip and unlocking easy and the durability of the smartphone. samsung galaxy fold is a compact device that easily holds in hand with a comfortable grip. The fingerprint scanner is placed on the side of the smartphone where the thumb or index finger naturally lands so unlock is perfectly done when you pick up the phone. The phone gives you advance multitasking that allows the user to work with three apps at a time. True multitasking gives you the power to do the whole thing. easy interaction puts drag and drops capabilities at your fingertips it allows the user to shift and resize the display icons. When you want to make another app the focus, simply tap, hold, and move it to the left side to adjust. And when you get notifications, you can easily address it by dragging the alert down to convert it into a new window. An immersive display that redefines the role of the phone. Enjoy brilliant colors that allow the user to show vibrant colors on the screen while seeing movies and playing games, the HDR10+ ensures the true color tone of the display the protective eye mode is also very good to see that reduced the brightness in daylight and consume the less power. Stero speakers and the Dolby sounds bring the sound to life. The dual speaker provides clear and loudspeaker sound by AKG. With the help of Dolby Atoms, it surrounds the three-dimensional audio experience that pulls you in games, videos and more.

Camera Details

Samsung galaxy changes the revolution of the quad camera introduced by the camera. They place totally six cameras with no change in the main camera as same as the samsung galaxy s10 series. They give 20megapixl main camera with two 16megapixel cameras one of an ultrawide angle and one telephoto wide-angle camera. The other camera place on the foldable screen is of 16megapixel of 10megapixel that is used for taken brighter and smarter selfies. The display aspect ratio changes the revolution for the whole screen the screen allows us to take wider photos. Unfold for a display that doubles as a massive camera viewfinder and lets you preview the whole scene as you’ll capture it. With its 4:3 display ratio, the 7.3-inch main display shows you exactly what Galaxy Fold’s 4:3 camera sensor sees. Ultrawide para-noma expands the frame. The ultrawide angle offers a great screen with 123 degrees of field vision snapping more in front vision. Scene optimizer instantly enhances your photos. The dual front camera makes you the star in the whole crowd live focus puts the spotlight on you. The dual front camera, equipped with advanced human segmentation technology, detects faces and lets you experiment with blur and depth of field to bring out the beauty in your self-portraits. Then choose from a variety of bokeh effects to put a more artistic spin on the photo. Social cam makes sharing the world simple be the star of your own show, going live easily with your friends, family, and subscribers and taking the advanced level of a new level. The large main display acts as a viewfinder, simplifying set up for shareworthy videos and immersive video calls. This phone is basically designed for engineers and daredevils the super HD video recording packed the whole adventure on the hand .4K, UHD, and HDR10+ shoots the real-life color contrast and it records professional-quality 4K UHD video for playback that shows every detail you saw in person. HDR10+ color brings lifelike hues and contrast to the video, with Dynamic Tone Mapping ensuring accurate color in each scene. When the min screen size is smaller it’s easy to handle the phone and taking selfies with one hand.


It performs like no other smartphone. Samsung gives the most advanced technology to the Samsung galaxy fold with advanced hardware and intelligent performance. An advanced processor of Snapdragon 855 with 12Gb RAM and 512GB internal storage that gives you a huge amount of space and creates destiny to the other smartphones. They also give the new revolution to the battery they give dual battery in the single handset and make the phone powerful. The dual battery works as one and the advanced intelligent power saving mode learns your usage patterns to manage battery life. Samsung gives you a 4380MAH battery. we Are invented a new way of charging will be introduced they give fast wireless charging that makes recharging quick and convenient. Recharge your Galaxy Fold without having to trouble for a cord. Thanks to its Fast Wireless Charging capabilities, you can simply put your phone down on the charger to get back to 100%. They make a new reinvented way with a reinvented way of charge. They give wireless power share gives you the power to go around it not just capable of wireless charging although it is able to share its battery power to Qi-certified devices and wearables simply just place the device in the center of your phone up your galaxy watch or galaxy buds on the go. fast wireless charging makes recharging quick and convenient. recharge your galaxy fold without a fumble for a cord all thanks to its fast wireless charging capabilities you can simply put your phone down on the charger to get back to 100%.


intelligent WIFI and 5G keeps you connected even in a huge crowd, share, stream or gaming on the way with faster wifi 6 and help safeguard you from wifi frauds on a public network and easily switches to 5G on LTE model Up to 1.2Gbps DownloadUp to 1.2Gbps UploadLTEUp to 1.2Gbps DownloadUp to 150Mbps Upload. Bixby makes your daily life feel smarter and smoother. It learns your daily routine or suggesting apps or features according to your routine or letting you customize a routine that suits your all need. It also responds to your voice or getting things done even your hands are full. With Bixby vision, you can point your camera on an object or places to get information.


it Builts to create private life ssecure .Samsung knox protects right out the box ,it built into the hardware and software the Knox platform protects your Galaxy Fold at every layer .It offers a protected partition called secured folder from the second you turn on your phone.Fingerprint sensor can be placed on right side the lock button and the sensor are same.And it only detects the unique finger with face recognition and pattern,pin or password.


samsung galaxy fold available in four colors cosmos black,martian green,astroblue or space silver.

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